Care Home Consultancy Services

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Care Match UK offer a range of care home management services to support owners of residential homes achieve their objectives. Our extensive knowledge of both business and care, enables us to provide support in all aspects of managing a care home.

Providing Subscription Services

  • HR support 
  • Policy & procedure support 
  • General Business hours support 
  • Social media management
  • Quartley full KLOE audit with action planning.
  • Complaints & Safeguarding review and support
  • Accredited consultant for PCS
  •  Reference checks
  • Right to work and DBS
Care Match UK offer a range subscription services
Care Match UK offer a range ad hoc services

Additional Ad-hoc Services

  •  Auditing 
  •  Recruitment & Retention 
  •  Digital software support and installation 
  •  Innovation support
  •  Digital care planning and Emar support
  •  Health and Safety and risk management.
  •  Managed Service (Temporary Management of services)
  •  Budget & Operational planning 



The Virtual Administrator

An additional service with Ad-hoc costing model to suit our customers needs. Our virtual Administrator can manage your staff files, remote office management, payroll, annual leave, rota’s, data entry and much more.

Care Match UK offer a range additional services
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Providing Care home Consultancy Services